Recent exhibitions 

2022 A Generous Space 2, Artist Support Pledge, New Walsall Art Gallery.

2022 Binary, Terrace Gallery, curated by K.Bielik and J.Powell, London

2022 Inner Worlds, Fitzrovia Gallery, London

2021-22 Shortlisted for Contemporary British Painting Prize, Huddersfield and London.

2021 Oxlade Soup, Terrace Gallery, London

2021 Studio confetti, Terrace Gallery, London

2020 Way out, La Grange, France.

2020 Binary Show, BeepPainting, Cardiff, Wales

2019 Off Cuts, Jeannie Avent Gallery,  London

2019 Tapered teardrop, Terrace Gallery, London

2019 Optical Radiation, Unit 3, (curated by J.Bunker) London

2018 Beep Painting prize, Swansea, Wales.

2018 ‘A Road Not Taken’ The Crypt, St Marylebone Parish Church, London

2013 Creekside Open, ATP gallery, selected by Ceri Hand, London